Online Tradesman code update courses

These courses are designed to give you an overview of the code changes for the respective trade. Virginia is currently on the 2008 electrical code update as of July 1st 2011 but you may take the 2011 electrical code update course and it will count for your license renewal CEU's. For Other trades such as HVAC, Plumbing and Fuel/Gas Virginia is under the 2012 IC. For the online courses Virginia does requires that you take a test at the end. For this reason there are very simple review questions to complete.  You must pass, yet you may take as many times as needed. If you have any problems I am here to help. Just give me a call or send an email and I will set up a time to give you a one on one, to keep you surging forward. That is my commitment to build a place were Tradesmen and women can grow in their careers without fear. Let me know how I can help you stay positive in a negative world.

leadership Training

We can provide opportunities for you with advance leadership training at your office or place of employment. Training does not have to be overwhelming and with far out goals that are hard to reach. Training whether over a few weeks or simply a 1 hour session can provide you the skills need to go the next step. Here at Surging Forward providing ways to move forward is the goal. Training is based on where you or your team is at a given moment. Leadership is a step by step process not a microwave answer that fits all needs. Let us help you Surge to that next level it starts by staying positive in this negative world.We provide the encouragement and programs that can keep you SURGING FORWARD in a messed up world. Don't let others determine your fate. Don't let your friends, employees or so called friends continue to bring you down. A positive life will create a positive change, believe me I know.This site is in the beginning stages so bookmark and come back often as we all grow together, none of us should handle life alone.

 Personal coaching

I offer personal coaching to those that what to measure progress and track goals over time. Personal coaching allows you to grow into a career position step by step. Many people set goals that are way to high and start skipping steps, than do not understand why they fall and/or quit altogether. Walking the steps is the same as actual steps you can only skip so many times until you fall. Personal coaching cannot provide you with all the answers to life, but it will provide a path for you to walk on step at a time. What are you short term dreams? What are your long term dreams? How will you get there. No one hops in a car and drives to a desination with no GPS, road map or any idea how to get there. We all need some type of direction. Yes even in life. Do you know where you are going? Contact us for more info. As always if you are not Surging Forward you are falling backwards. 


At Surging Forward, we've taken our collective experience to create  courses and leadership training that stays within your budget and affordable


We know that you're time is you're most valuable asset. This is why we have made our courses easy to understand and most of  all convenient.


To Create a Positive You in a Negative World to Keep You Surging Forward. We can provide effective leadership skills through Surging Forward tradesman leadership training

Training offered

I started Surging Forward to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  Make Code update and leadership training in the residential commercial and industrial construction trades available to everyone in the construction trade.


My name is David Ballentine. My background is in the Electrical Field and since working with all types of people and different companies I have learned that many people in today's world have lost their dreams or have given up on their short or even long term goals. Despite all the issues out in the world today, high unemployment, overseas conflicts, personal tragedies, loss of business, economic uncertainty, and many other issues to long to list, there is still hope and there is still a way to overcome. That is what this site can help you achieve.
Bringing construction expertise to everyone.

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